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A man haunted by a grim hollowness confronts the hearsay and exaggeration of his survival of an unspeakable horror weighing on his conscious since he solely witnessed it.

This short public address reaching only 660 words and spanning two pages was first retrieved from the Brakenwolde town police department's archives on December 8th 2016. Local public records do not substantiate the finding of a body upon the nearby moors.

The following has been preserved here for public records, but sensitive readers should take caution as the letter alludes to depression and suicide.

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AuthorCasey Jay Hawkes
TagsDark, Gothic, Horror, letter, Mystery, Narrative, pdf, Period Piece, Short, story


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I love this, even though it is such a dark subject matter it has a certain serenity about it, I felt strangely peaceful while reading it.
I also love the rhythm of it, the line breaks really give it a nice pace. It's a very cool poem